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We pride ourselves on customer service and would not be in business without all of our buyers and sellers.  Our staff is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with our company.

Tate Cobb   Owner/Auctioneer

Marsha Cobb   Owner/Head Cashier


Since graduating from IQ School of Auctioneering in 1992, Tate has become a leading auctioneer in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles, as well as Southwest Kansas.  Tate's areas of expertise include: farm/ranch equipment, household, estate, antique sales and livestock.  In addition to auctioneering, Tate specializes in sale setup.


Being in charge of the "office" on sale day is no easy task.  However, Marsha does an excellent job of keeping the staff in line and making sure all of the transactions are timely and correct for our buyers and sellers.  With several years of banking experience, Marsha is adamant about making sure every auction balances before leaving the auction site.

Joel Tuxhorn   Owner/Auctioneer

​Shana Tuxhorn   Owner/Clerk

Joel attended and graduated from IQ School of Auctioneering in June, 2004.  Born and raised in Nebraska, Joel has lived in the Guymon area since 2000. He has experience in agriculture-related sales, as well as household and antique sales.  Joel also perfoms advertising duties for the company and our customers.  TDLR #15186


When you need that one person to jump into a certain role at any given time, Shana is the go-to person.  From auction setup to clerking, cashiering or running tickets Shana is a very valuable asset to our team.  Many times she can be found bidding on items for our absentee bidders as well.


Bryan Estes   Head Ringman/Auctioneer



There are days we would be totally lost without the wide variety of knowledge Bryan possesses.  He is a vital part of our auction setup long before sale day arrives.  He is our go-to guy when we get stumped by a unique piece or item.  On sale day Bryan takes charge of the bidders and ringmen to keep the auction moving rapidly.  Bryan can also step in as our auctioneer at any time during the auction.



Perri West   Head Clerk



Perri is a well-known and experienced auction clerk in Guymon and the surrounding area.  Her attention to detail and calm demeanor are highly valued in the fast paced action at the auction.  She does a fantastic job of making sure the "who bought what for how much" is accurate on every ticket.   She's professional and friendly.


We all look forward to meeting you at the next auction!

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